Potent Sox lineup has one slight change

CLEVELAND -- Manager Ozzie Guillen doesn’t want to mess with a good thing, but he will tinker a little.

After using the same potent lineup in the first two games of the season, there is a slight change today with Omar Vizquel playing third base and batting ninth in place of Brent Morel. Vizquel is the only position player to not see any action in the first two games

“I want to get Omar some at-bats,” Guillen said. “We planned the matchups since spring training. We know [Morel’s] not going to face [Cleveland starter Justin Masterson] because of the sinker. He’s swinging the bat pretty good. But it gives me another left-handed bat against him. He’s got a great sinker, and we’ll try to figure him out.”

Despite the change to Vizquel, Guillen continues to say that Mark Teahen will be his most used substitute this season. Teahen will also be the primary backup at third base.

“Omar, before we go to Chicago, he might play shortstop only to give [Alexei] Ramirez a break,” Guillen said. “But the only reason [is] to give Omar some at-bats.”

The top eight spots in the lineup remain as they were in the first two games. Juan Pierre is leading off and playing left field, followed by Gordon Beckham (second base), Adam Dunn (DH), Paul Konerko (first base), Alex Rios (center field), Carlos Quentin (right field), A.J. Pierzynski (catcher), Ramirez (shortstop) and Vizquel.