Sox to work on their running game

CHICAGO -- Despite their horrible base stealing this season, the presence of roving minor-league base-running coach Devon White on Monday was just a coincidence, the Chicago White Sox say.

The White Sox have struggled to steal bases in the early going, with Juan Pierre getting thrown out seven times in his 12 attempts heading into Monday’s game against the Baltimore Orioles. Overall, the White Sox have stolen 16 bases and have been thrown out 15 times.

Despite the numbers, manager Ozzie Guillen insisted that White’s presence was not mandated. Guillen said White had long been scheduled to work with the team this week.

“I don't think Devon's going to help us to get better because I don't see too many people on base yet,” Guillen said. “I think this year you're going to see a lot of those. They're going to call a lot of minor-league coaches to help us with different scenarios and different things with the game.”

The White Sox’s 52 percent success rate on steals ranks dead last in the American League and better than only the Atlanta Braves' mark of 36 percent in all of baseball.

“Stolen bases, the only one here who is going to steal bases is Juan,” Guillen said. “Maybe a few from [Alex] Rios, [but] Rios has a rotten toe. I don't think he's going to run that much. We don't have guys that can steal bases. We've got guys that can run the bases. I don't think we have guys that are going to steal more than 10, 20, 30 bases.”

Stolen bases are an aspect of the game that has value to Guillen, but it looks like it will be something he has to live without this year.

“It’s very bad,” Guillen said. “Sometimes we killed the rally [by getting caught stealing]. We killed the rally right away. We talked to Juan. Juan knows about it. He's looking at videos. He doesn't have that much lead.

“I think the guys should be more aggressive on the bases. Don't worry about what's going to happen. I'd rather them to be thrown out at first than second, try to make them get bigger jumps and don't worry about being thrown out.”