Plenty of blame to spread around for Sox

Sure, fire Ozzie Guillen -- but only if you’re also going to fire general manager Kenny Williams, big-ticket items Adam Dunn, Alex Rios, Juan Pierre and Edwin Jackson, as well as John Danks, Gavin Floyd, Matt Thornton and Gordon Beckham.

There’s no getting around it: The White Sox stink worse than garlic-scented deodorant. They don’t have a regular hitting above .300. Cubs starter Carlos Zambrano has hit only two fewer home runs this season than Dunn, Rios or Alexei Ramirez. Three of the starters in the Sox's rotation have ERAs of 6.89 and higher. Danks has taken the season O-fer.

And, yes, no team in the big leagues has won fewer games (11) than Guillen’s Sox.

But if you’re going to be All In (the 2011 Sox marketing slogan) on April 1, you can’t be All Out on May 5. As off-the-charts horrible as the Sox have been, they’ve only played 32 games.

The first-place Cleveland Indians have been baseball’s feel-good story of April and early May. But does anyone, including the Indians, expect them to keep winning at a nearly 70 percent clip?

The Kansas City Royals are barely above .500 and everyone else is underwater in the AL Central. So the division is still there for the taking.

Firing Guillen would be like firing your plumber because your kids used too much toilet paper. Guillen isn’t the reason why the Sox have clogged up the bottom of the division with a double-digit deficit.

This isn’t a time for pink slips. It’s a time for patience and to see how the rest of the month shakes out. Guillen has earned that much, hasn’t he?