Pierzynski: 'I'm guy they can move'

CHICAGO -- A.J. Pierzynski isn't surprised by trade rumors because the veteran Chicago White Sox catcher believes he is the most logical piece for the team to move.

"I kind of was expecting it due to the fact that pretty soon here I'll be 10 and 5 where they can't move me [without his approval]," Pierzynski said Wednesday on "The Afternoon Saloon" on ESPN 1000. "We haven't really had any talks about me staying here extension-wise. I'm the one guy that they probably can move. I have an expiring contract, they can't trade [Paul] Konerko because he has a full no-trade clause.

"They don't really have a lot of other pieces that they would want to trade that are expiring. Hopefully it doesn't happen but you just never know."

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