Alexei Ramirez goes Hollywood on Indians

CHICAGO – Alexei Ramirez just might qualify for a lucrative side job, or at the very least have something he can fall back on once his playing days are done.

The White Sox’s season looked headed for another sorry turn when Ramirez appeared to get hit in the right hand by a pitch from the Indians’ Fausto Carmona in the first inning. Ramirez not only dropped to the ground immediately, but he rolled over in pain clutching his hand. This was stop, drop and roll at its finest.

He got an immediate visit from manager Ozzie Guillen as well as the training staff.

But all might not have been as it seemed. Indians fans might not have noticed it first, but they voiced their skepticism loudly over social media outlets as to whether or not Ramirez was even hit by the pitch at all.

Ramirez took his base to put two runners on, and two batters later Paul Konerko delivered a two-run double to put the White Sox in the lead for good.

The White Sox’s shortstop stayed in the game and even doubled later. Asked afterward for an update on how Ramirez was doing, manager Ozzie Guillen hesitated before burying his face in the microphones in front of him while laughing.

“I should call somebody from Hollywood,” Guillen said. “He’s a better actor than shortstop, I guarantee you that. I was worried. When I went to the field out there I thought he was dead. He rolled around the plate like someone took the head away on a chicken. To be honest with you, I was scared because when you hit so close to the hands, something could be broken. But he was fine. Thank God he was fine.”

Ramirez refused to get out of character even after the game.

“It got me a little bit, but I’m fine,” he said through an interpreter with a straight face. “By tomorrow I’ll be out there just like new.”

With the White Sox playing an inconsistent brand of offense they are willing to do anything they can to get on base. In this case, it was the start of a night filled with plenty of runs and a victory that gave them a three-game winning streak.