Severe storms put White Sox game on hold

ARLINGTON, Texas – Umpires took no chances Tuesday and delayed the White Sox game against the Rangers on Tuesday evening before the first drops of rain even started to fall.

The Dallas area is at the tail end of storms that led to deadly tornadoes in Oklahoma.

Fans were first evacuated from the upper deck in the third inning because of high winds and lightning in the area. The actual delay came before the bottom of the fourth inning. Tornado sirens were going off in and around the Dallas area.

During the delay, fans in the lower level of the stadium were evacuated to underground areas near the clubhouses for both teams. Those service areas were characterized as hot and stuffy with access extremely limited because of the crowding. Family members of White Sox players were welcomed into a reception area in the clubhouse.

Members of the Rangers ground crew were being dragged around when the tarp got caught in a wind gust, but they were able to control the infield covering.

The White Sox had a 4-2 lead at the time of the delay, with Carlos Quentin accounting for all four of their runs on a pair of home runs.

White Sox starter Jake Peavy, coming off muscle reattachment surgery in July, was at 63 pithces when the delay started. It was unclear if he would return to the mound if the game resumes.

The grounds crew took the tarp off the field and fans returned to their seats after a delay of more than an hour, but the tarp was put back on the field with more rain forming to the west.