Buehrle deserves better fate in 1-0 defeat

MINNEAPOLIS -- Make that eight consecutive quality starts for Mark Buehrle, who on Thursday suffered the cruelest of pitching fates: losing by a 1-0 score.

Buehrle’s 25 victories against the Twins might be his most against any team, but over his last seven decisions against Minnesota he is just 1-6. And if allowing one run on three hits over seven innings isn’t enough to at least get a no-decision, well it’s probably best to cancel that side trip to Las Vegas if you had one.

Buehrle has said he never counts the Twins out, and he reiterated that when they got off to a slow start this season. The Twins are still in last place. But this almost seemed like another level of gritty, even for the never-say-die Minnesota club.

“It’s frustrating, especially here against these guys,” Buehrle said. “I don’t think anyone has counted these guys out, especially with the guys they’re getting back from the [disabled list]. Six guys in their lineup weren’t in their Opening Day roster, so they got a lot of guys coming back that will make them better and they’re coming on strong right now. We faced two quality pitchers, and they held our offense down.”

That the White Sox scored just one run in the two games of the series just added to the malaise of the rain-shortened series. And to think, Buehrle actually enjoys his time in the Twin Cities taking his family on a train ride and an indoor amusement park while he was here.

“I like it a heck of a lot better than I did over at the [Metrodome],” Buehrle said. “It seemed like when we went to the dome, it was like, ‘Get in, get out.’ If we won one out of three games, it was like throwing a party. But here, I don’t know. I love coming to this place. Good town, good stadium. Just seems like we don’t play too good here.”

Buehrle can comfort himself with the fact that he has a 2.78 ERA since May 1, winning five of his seven decisions in that time.