Even from Triple-A, Viciedo makes Chicago news

CHICAGO – As the accolades keep piling up for Dayan Viciedo, the dynamic young power hitter still can’t find his way to the major leagues.

In addition to his spot on the World team for this month’s Futures Game in Arizona, Viciedo was just named to play in the Triple-A All-Star Game. He is batting .329 with 13 home runs and 56 RBI.

And his absence from the major-league roster appears to have wedged its way into the long-going Ozzie Guillen-Kenny Williams rift, although it might not be as big of a wedge as it has been portrayed.

Guillen and Williams might still have their issues after putting a band aid over their troubles this winter, but Guillen moved Friday to downplay any additional problems the Viciedo situation has caused.

Williams has said that Viciedo will come up when Guillen wants him, which seemed to suggest that fans disappointed at the situation can vent their frustration at the manager. Guillen has said he will play Viciedo if he is called up, but it’s Williams who will have to make a difficult decision on whom to replace on the roster.

“People have different opinions and they can feel whatever they want,” Guillen said. “I already made that thing clear to you guys and the fans, it's nothing against Viciedo, it's nothing against Kenny. But if we're going to bring Viciedo here, I don't mind, but somebody has to go. I don't release people, I don't sign people.”

So what is Guillen’s biggest concern? He is afraid Viciedo will think he isn’t wanted, which isn't the case whatsoever.

“I make it very clear, if Juan [Pierre] is here I have to play him,” Guillen said. “I don't think we're going to bench Carlos [Quentin] or [Alex] Rios or Juan. I think Juan is the guy I most respect. I don't think there is any player that prepares himself better than Juan Pierre. I know in the past you guys, a few guys, get all over him. He's the only player I've had in my career as a manger to show up to the ballpark every day with the same attitude.”