Ozzie, Kenny meet; fisticuffs do not ensue

CHICAGO – All seems just fine on the Ozzie Guillen-Kenny Williams front as the duo had a meeting in Guillen’s office before Saturday to discuss the state of the White Sox.

Guillen insisted the conversation wasn’t about their relationship, which has reportedly been in jeopardy yet again over the decision on whether or not to recall Dayan Viciedo from Triple-A Charlotte.

“We talk a lot about the ball club,” Guillen said. “We don’t talk about family. We talk about the ball club, it’s our job and very good. We cleared some stuff up about when [John] Danks coming back, what move we’re going to make. It’s about baseball things.”

Guillen was asked if Viciedo’s name came up in the conversation.

“I don’t think he going to mention that when he see Juan Pierre the last couple games,” Guillen said. “No because that’s a decision we [all] make. We make decisions as a team with the coaches, the manager and the GM.”

If there is one concern Guillen has on the Viciedo front it’s making sure the young slugger knows he’s wanted.

“[Bench coach] Joey [Cora] just talked to Viciedo yesterday and I say someone tell Viciedo I don’t hate him because I don’t have space for him here,” Guillen said.

Otherwise it all seemed like business as usual. Both manager and GM seem fine with the roster as it is knowing that a run producer is still at their beck and call if they need it.

“No right now I think we’re fine with what we have,” Guillen said. “Hopefully we get Danks back quickly then we can make our pitching staff much stronger. He asked me who’s available, what I have, what I need. What I need, we don’t have it. I wish I have another [Sergio] Santos but I don’t have it.”