Buehrle rues unlucky streak since perfect game

The "Sports Illustrated cover curse" is not something that everybody believes in, but White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle did admit after taking the loss on Sunday that he does believe in certain jinxes.

"I've heard of the 'Madden [video game] cover jinx,' but not the Sports Illustrated one," Buehrle said. "Baseball is a game of luck and since I threw the perfect game, I haven't had much luck."

Since Buehrle's perfecto on July 23 against the Rays, he's had six starts, giving up 26 earned runs in 37 2/3 innings with a record of 0-4 and two no decisions.

Buehrle did express his support for the team and their chances of winning the division as he prepared to go on this crucial, 11-game road trip along with his teammates to Boston, New York, Minnesota and Wrigley Field.

"To be honest with you, I think we are a better team than Detroit is," Buehrle said. "Obviously, we have to prove it on the field to show that. When [newly acquired pitcher Jake] Peavy comes and gets into the starting rotation, it's going to help us out. I still think we have a chance in this division, and this road trip right now is either going to make or break us."

White Sox third baseman Gordon Beckham told me that he's of the belief that the division will be won in the last few weeks of the season.

"We have six games left with the Tigers," Beckham said. "If we are down six games at that point, at least we have a shot. We just need to play well and get our wins and keep gaining ground."