Guillen believes in struggling Beckham

CHICAGO -- Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen strongly believes in Gordon Beckham for now. Guillen bases his belief on Beckham's 2009 performance as well as the 2008 No. 1 draft pick's makeup.

Guillen earlier criticized Beckham for taking his offensive struggles with him to the field at second base. Guillen said at one point he went to general manager Kenny Williams and told him that if Beckham took his offense out to the field again that he would recommend Beckham be demoted to the minor leagues.

Since that one episode, Beckham has not hung his head, and Guillen has seen a much more confident player go out there and battle even if the results aren't reflected in his stats.

"He hit the ball hard twice and walked," Guillen said of Beckham's performance on Saturday against the Florida Marlins when Beckham was 1 for 2 with two runs scored. "That's all I care about. He's hit in bad luck as well. I told him not to get down. When you hit the ball hard at least you've had good at-bats. One thing I do worry about is if the kid continues to hit the ball hard without good results then I worry about that for him. He was very bad two weeks ago. Very bad. But the only way you get out of things like that is to keep playing."

White Sox upper management as well Guillen believe that Beckham will eventually come out of the slump. However, that opinion might change if Beckham doesn't start to hit more consistently.