More accolades for Viciedo in Charlotte

CHICAGO –Dayan Viciedo keeps getting one flattering phone call after another, but it’s still not the one he’s looking for.

In addition to appearances in the Futures Game and the Triple-A All-Star Game, Viciedo also got an invitation to appear in the Triple-A Home Run Derby.

The call to join the White Sox still hasn’t come, though.

It’s not like the White Sox don’t value Viciedo’s ability. They moved him to right field this spring because they thought it would be an easier path to the major leagues for him than first or third base.

Viciedo isn’t going to start over Carlos Quentin in right field and benching designaed hitter Adam Dunn and the $14 or so million he is scheduled to make this year is an investment loss the White Sox aren’t ready to commit to.

So Viciedo waits and keeps growing as a hitter in the process. He has a .324 batting average at Charlotte with 16 home runs and a league-leading 62 RBI.