At midpoint, Sox's glass half-empty

CHICAGO -- Ozzie Guillen unwittingly gave the epitaph of this year's Chicago White Sox team before another Lazy Sunday on the South Side.

"We got a horse(bleep) team, but we got good people that play as hard they as can," the White Sox manager said before the team's 6-3 loss to the Minnesota Twins.

After the game, Guillen channeled good friend Carlos Zambrano with a more pithy summation of his team.

"We sucks," Guillen said to a couple reporters, flashing a gallows grin as he finished up his press conference.

Now that "All In" has been ultimately disproved, here's a new tagline for marketing guru Brooks Boyer's crew: "Nice Guys Finish Third. Maybe Fourth."

It's one thing after another with this band of misfit toys. Forget "Go Go White Sox," the theme song for the first half seems to be one long note from a sad trombone.

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