Teahen gets nod over Morel

DETROIT – Brent Morel has done a lot of standing around since the second half started, but it doesn’t mean he is out of the White Sox’s plans at third base.

Mark Teahen got the start at third in each of the first three White Sox games after the break and could play a fourth consecutive day in Kansas City on Monday before Morel returns.

Teahen got the start Friday from Ozzie Guillen primarily because the Tigers had Justin Verlander on the mound. Guillen has tried to keep the rookie Morel away from the toughest American League pitchers.

But when the White Sox played well and beat Verlander, with Teahen contributing, Guillen stayed with the effective lineup through the weekend. It’s been a rare extended streak of playing time for Teahen.

“At this point I’m not really trying to make sense of when I get my playing time I’m just trying to make the most of it when I get it,” an appreciative Teahen said.

Along those same lines, Morel isn’t trying to think too much about being passed over during the weekend series against the Tigers, aside from some innings as a defensive replacement.

“I mean, obviously I want to be in there but I totally understand,” Morel said. “The way we we’re playing [poorly] before the break and for us to play as well as we have the last couple of games, why would you switch anything up? I get it. I’m just rooting for those guys and as long as we’re winning why change anything?”

Guillen has maintained that Morel is not in danger of turning into a full-time bench player. But he might not see some action until the White Sox face Royals left-handers Danny Duffy and Bruce Chen on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively at Kansas City.

“He don’t have to worry,” Gillen said. “Right now we are playing good and I don’t expect to make any big change. He will be back in the lineup. But if things keep going like that, I have to go with the hot lineup. When you are winning, the last thing you want to do is change the lineup and the momentum of the team.”