Jackson deals for Sox amid trade rumors

CLEVELAND -- Maybe hearing his name in trade talk makes Edwin Jackson tick.

Amid rumors that the Cardinals are interested in his services, Jackson put together another solid start for the White Sox to beat the Indians and is now 2-0 since the All-Star break. He also improved to 9-1 in his career against Cleveland.

“Edwin, the last couple of years, has been very good after the All-Star break,” manager Ozzie Guillen said. “We expect him to come out the same way. He threw the ball very well the last couple of outings. That’s going to be huge for us for the rest of the season how we continue to pitch. If we continue to pitch like that and play the way we did the last couple of days we’ll be fine.”

Jackson (7-7) said the trade talk doesn’t bother him. He’s heard it all his career and would probably be more worried if he didn’t hear his name being mentioned at this time of the year. The non-waiver trade deadline is next Sunday.

“Oh really? My name came up? I’m surprised,” Jackson joked. “It’s definitely nothing I worry about. I don’t worry about it. I can’t control it. I just want to play wherever I’m wanted to play at. Whether they want to keep me here, I’ll be glad to play here. But if I do get traded, I’ll be glad to play wherever I’m traded to. I just want to go out and play the game and help whatever team win.”

The White Sox are going to want to keep him if this is what he’s capable of doing. He started the second half with a shutout over the Tigers and now this victory over the Indians. Both teams are ahead of the White Sox in the standings.

“Second half is pretty much where everything counts,” he said. “The second half is taking you right into the playoffs if you have a chance to make the playoffs. It’s definitely the time where you want to be on top of your game.”

Maybe Jackson started his second-half run a little early this year. Over his last five starts he is now 3-1 with a 2.57 ERA. Along with that 9-1 record against the Indians, he is 5-0 in Cleveland with a 1.90 ERA.

“I didn’t know (my) record against them,” Jackson said. “At this point we’re trying to win every game we can. Those guys are ahead of us. Detroit is ahead of us. We definitely can’t worry about them. But when we have the opportunity to play against them, which we do this past couple months, that’s when we try to capitalize on every series.”

The only bad news when it comes to Jackson is that he won’t pitch in the upcoming series against the Tigers. He next pitches over the weekend against the Red Sox.