White Sox will rely on Frasor

CHICAGO -- If all goes according to plan, the newest White Sox reliever, Jason Frasor, should be an integral part of the bullpen.

Manager Ozzie Guillen has been relying heavily on Jesse Crain as his right-handed reliever in late-game situations, Frasor was acquired to help alleviate Crain’s work load. Guillen, however, may need a reminder as to exactly who he’s calling for when Frasor is needed.

“I didn’t even know his name when we traded [for] him,” Guillen said with a grin. “I’m pretty bad with names. I asked [my coaches] who he was and they said, ‘You remember that little guy?’ and I said, ‘Oh yeah, he’s a good one.’”

Guillen often has trouble recalling the names of players that have been on his team for a while, so Frasor should take no offense to his manager’s bad memory. All that matters is that Guillen believes Frasor can help fortify an already strong unit in the bullpen.

Crain has been used quite a bit of late, throwing 50 pitches in a three-game span from July 24 to 26. The combination of two days off and Frasor’s arrival will only help ensure that Crain is healthy down the stretch as the White Sox make a push for the playoffs.

For his part, Frasor said he has no concerns about throwing multiple days in a row.

“I think when you’re in a pennant race you pitch until you tear something,” Frasor said. “You have no regrets, you’re in the stretch and you do what you can to help the team.”

Frasor was acquired along with pitching prospect Zach Stewart on Wednesday when the White Sox sent starter Edwin Jackson and infielder Mark Teahen to the Toronto Blue Jays. Frasor was a little blind-sided by where he was headed, but had not complaints.

“It’s special, of all the teams and all the different cities, I never foresaw the White Sox,” Frasor said. “It took me by surprise. Now that I’m here, I’m ecstatic. I’m in a pennant race, I’m so glad I’m here.”

Frasor, a native of Oak Forest, admitted that he grew up a Cubs’ fan, but, he said, that hasn’t been the case for a while now.

“You get older and you just kinda lose faith, I guess,” Frasor said. “I’m a White Sox fan, I’m a huge White Sox fan now.”