Ozzie pulls plug on White Sox-O's tension

BALTIMORE – So much for that that potential tension that would have spiced up the final game of the four-game series between the White Sox and Baltimore Orioles.

A story in Thursday’s Baltimore Sun seemed to suggest that manager Ozzie Guillen and Orioles outfielder Adam Jones had exchanged words during Wednesday’s game.

When the Orioles won on a walk-off home run, Jones appeared to be more intent on getting in a last jab toward Guillen in the White Sox dugout from the area of home plate than celebrating with his teammates.

“I’m protecting myself and protecting my team,” Jones was quotes as saying. “He’s protecting himself and his team. It’s part of the game.”

OK, sounds like we have something here.

Guillen, though, came clean Thursday saying he and Jones had been engaging in playful banter during the game. Another target of Guillen’s ribbing has been Orioles slugger Vladimir Guerrero.

As for Jones getting in the last word when the Orioles walked off with the victory Wednesday, Guillen didn’t know it happened.

“I didn’t even see him,” Guillen said. “As soon as the ball left the bat, I knew it was a home run and I left right away.”

Guillen did manage to get in one last jab at Jones, though, when talking about the Orioles’ victory celebration after Nolan Reimold’s walk-off home run.

“What is [Jones] going to celebrate?” Guillen said. “Someone else did it.”