White Sox see Gibson when Konerko runs

BALTIMORE -- White Sox players are watching teammate Paul Konerko and making a comparison to one of the more iconic moments in the game.

Mark Buehrle admitted Thursday that the team is taking to calling Konerko “Gibby” whenever they watch him run the bases.

The reference is to the dramatic home run Kirk Gibson hit in the 1988 World Series when he pinch hit with a sore knee and won the game against Dennis Eckersley and the Oakland A’s.

Konerko has been playing with a sore left knee for over a week now. He can swing the bat just fine but running is painful, and he hasn’t played in the field since he was hit by a pitch on July 31.

“A couple of guys give him trouble, calling him 'Gibby,' ” Buehrle said. “Every time he jogs into second base we’re looking for the fist pump.”

Konerko already has the respect of his teammates, but by playing injured that respect has gone to an even higher level. The White Sox lost all three games he was out of the lineup last week, but they just went 6-1 on the just-completed road trip with him hobbling around.

“For him, it’s got to be killing him,” Buehrle said. “He’s out there giving his all. He’s not the fastest guy any way, and with this injury makes him even slower but he’s giving it everything he’s got.”