Frasor shows it's hard to come home again

Jason Frasor hasn’t made any excuses for why he has posted a 6.00 ERA in 12 appearances since joining the White Sox a month ago, but the right-hander did admit that returning to the area where he grew up has its challenges.

“There is a little extra tension to come home and play for the home team,” the native of Oak Forest, Ill., said. “There’s a little extra pressure there and a pennant race to go along with it.”

To make the transition easier, Frasor said he moved back into the home where he grew up. That’s right, the 33-year-old veteran of seven previous major-league seasons is living with mom and dad again.

“We’ve certainly turned my parents’ lives around,” Frasor said. “My wife is there obviously and we have a 1-year old and brought the dog. It went from a big old house with those two to three other people and a dog running around, but they love it and my wife loves it and that’s all I care about.”

Now if he can just return to being the pitcher that had posted a 2.98 ERA in 44 outings with the Blue Jays earlier this season, things would be ideal.

Instead, Frasor's starting to look like another player in a White Sox uniform this season who can’t find his groove.

“You go around the locker room here and see the nameplates on the lockers, there are big-time players and great names.” Frasor said. “Hopefully we can put some wins together here and live up to the hype, I guess. I think a lot was expected out of this team and there’s still plenty of time left to gain ground and win this thing.”

Frasor plans to return to his home in the Tampa area this offseason, then find his own place in Chicago next season. For the time being, it’s home cooking again and face-to-face chats with his parents instead of international phone calls.

With a month to go in the season, it isn’t too late to overcome his homecoming anxiety.

“It’s really not that much different from Toronto,” Frasor said. "So far, so good. Hopefully we can stay in this race. But once you get on the mound, it’s still the same game.”