White Sox's four-man plan remains on hold

CHICAGO -- Once with six solid starters, the Chicago White Sox will probably have a hard time dialing it back to four for a potential stretch run and it isn’t because there aren't enough options to choose from.

With the season heading into the final month, the White Sox had considered using their four best arms as much as possible. Those figured to be Mark Buehrle, John Danks, Gavin Floyd and Jake Peavy.

But Peavy got torched in the first inning Wednesday against the Minnesota Twins, and he doesn’t appear to have much in the tank for the rest of the season, much less putting it on the line every fourth day.

To Peavy’s credit, though, he did quickly reverse his fortunes against the Twins, but not before some serious damage was done. After a home run to Luke Hughes in the first, Peavy retired 11 consecutive batters.

Guillen was asked before the game when a four-man setup might take place.

“I don’t know yet,” Guillen said. “I don’t know how that would work because we go from six to five to four. It depends how we are late in the season.”

Phil Humber and Zach Stewart are both expected to pitch in Monday’s doubleheader at Minnesota and could also be an option in a pared-down rotation.

A good indicator on whether a four-man rotation will even be needed will come during the weekend series at Detroit. If the White Sox can win at least two of the three games they still have hope, especially with three games still remaining against the Tigers after that.

“Four out of the five guys I have, I feel very comfortable sending them to the mound,” Guillen said. “The bullpen throwing way [it’s] throwing, and we score the way we been scoring I will take my chance. But we have to play good every day. That’s up to the players.”