'Sad' Guillen watches Sox fail in clutch

MINNEAPOLIS -- Bad habits are hard to kick as the White Sox showed while leaving 13 runners on base in a 5-4 loss to the Minnesota Twins.

The White Sox left 13 runners on base and put six runners on base in the first three innings without scoring.

“I think we played typical White Sox baseball,” manager Ozzie Guillen said. “I don't think we lost, I just think we gave this game away. There is no doubt in my mind we gave it away. We had a lot of chances. We can't get the hits. I'm not talking about big hits, we can't even get the hit. When you can't do that that's the type of game you're going to have.”

In the process, the White Sox lost two bats out of frustration. A.J. Pierzynski pounded one into the ground, breaking it in the process, and Alex Rios snapped one over his knee after he struck out in the eighth inning and left the tying run on third base. They weren't the only ones agitated.

“Let's say I'm sad because I don't want to say what I really want to say,” Guillen said. “Yeah, I'm not going to say [just] this game, all since spring training we were bad at that. Not bad, but we were not good at all with men at third base and less than two outs. We have a lot of problems all year long with it and today was another example.”