White Sox still not thrilled with getting hit

CLEVELAND – Asked about getting hit with a pitch Tuesday night and then watching two more of his teammates get plunked, Paul Konerko seemed to suggest Wednesday’s game against the Cleveland Indians could get interesting.

“Yeah, I don’t think any of them were probably intentional, but there’s a cumulative thing that kind of adds up after a while,” Konerko said before Wednesday’s game. “So, we’ll see how that goes.”

Konerko was not in the lineup, but it had nothing to do with the bruise on the side of his left leg near his hip. He was given a rest after playing in both games of Tuesday’s doubleheader.

The consensus in the White Sox clubhouse was that the pitches that hit batters were not intentional. It doesn’t mean they weren’t upset about it.

“If those guys, if I know 100 percent they were throwing at them, definitely,” manager Ozzie Guillen said about retaliation. “There’s no doubt in my mind I will do something about it myself. I will let somebody know we have to control this and that’s it.

“But deep inside, I don’t think they did it on purpose. In the meanwhile, players think the same way. If they come to me, I will be more than happy to donate the money and protect my players. I don’t have anything kind of telling me it was on purpose.”

Mark Buehrle is on the mound for the White Sox on Wednesday, needing 7 2/3 innings to reach the 200 inning mark for the 11th time in his career.

Guillen was asked if it would be a surprise to see Buehrle hit somebody.

“Yes, but I cannot read Buehrle’s mind,” Guillen said. “Some people have to protect themselves, but like I say, if I see something I don’t like, I won’t wait for today. I will tell [Chris] Sale [in Tuesday’s game] the first guy has to go down. I don’t see it that way.”