Sox vs. Sox a boon to manager candidates

CHICAGO – Wouldn’t it be nice to go looking for a new job, and a pay raise to go along with it, all while being the person asking the questions instead of answering them?

For Dave Martinez and Sandy Alomar Jr., that could end up being their reality as they find themselves in the role of sought-after manager candidates.

Both Martinez and Alomar are reported to be high on the list of both the White Sox and the Boston Red Sox as the clubs look to replace long-time managers.

So instead of, say, the White Sox asking either what they have to offer, Martinez and Alomar might be able to turn the question right back at general manager Kenny Williams.

Boston has the better track record of success over the past decade, a healthier pocketbook and tons of national attention to raise your profile. But there is also the cramped quarters of Fenway Park that only raise the heat from the pressure cooker of the job.

The White Sox can’t even boast about a less stressful job since they will be expecting success just as much as Boston will from its new manager. What they can offer is a division more winnable than the American League East since it’s free from the likes of the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays.

The White Sox also appear to have a better clubhouse culture since it was widely reported that Red Sox players splintered themselves into various cliques.

Still, given a choice, it’s likely that either probably goes with the Red Sox over the White Sox simply because the club has more money to throw at its problems. The White Sox are forced to be a little more creative when it comes to putting together and retooling a roster.

None of it should worry the White Sox since they aren’t expected to be too disappointed with landing their second-best candidate.