Kenny Williams' latest gamble a doozy

CHICAGO -- For the second time in his coaching career, Brad Lachemann is losing an unpaid assistant to the major leagues.

Lachemann, the son of longtime baseball coach and manager Marcel Lachemann and nephew of fellow lifer Rene, lost the best volunteer hitting coach in California when Robin Ventura left his "stepping stone job" at Arroyo Grande High School to manage the Chicago White Sox.

"My dad was the pitching coach for me in between the Angels and the Rockies," Lachemann said in a phone conversation. "So I guess that was a stepping stone job for the Rockies. Anybody out there looking for a big league job can just spend a couple years coaching in the central coast of California."

The news of Ventura's unlikely journey from Arroyo Grande (most famous alumnus is Zac Efron) back to the South Side caught all of baseball by surprise on Thursday afternoon. Of all the people to replace Ozzie Guillen, no one expected his old teammate Ventura.

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