Next up for Sox: A decision on Buehrle

CHICAGO -- With a new manager in place and coaches expected to be announced this week, up next is player personnel decisions.

The biggest question remains whether or not free agent Mark Buehrle returns.

“It’s not dissimilar to the [Paul] Konerko situation last year,” Williams said. “The market has to tell us what he’s going to command. And we’ll look into it then to see if it fits into our planning and budget.

“Listen, whenever it is, when Mark Buehrle leaves, you’re going to have a void. I’m not just talking about the player standpoint but who he is, what he is, all the peripheral things. You can’t ask for a better guy performance wise and non-performance wise.”

Buehrle is expected to be one of the top left-handed free agents on the market. C.C. Sabathia is expected to opt out of his contract but then re-sign with the New York Yankees. That could leave Buehrle among the next group of coveted lefties with C.J. Wilson.

Konerko’s situation wasn’t resolved last year until the winter meetings in early December.