Reinsdorf to gauge value of Sox players

John Danks and Gavin Floyd generated the most conversation between Kenny Williams and other GMs recently. Brian Kersey/Getty Images

While Chicago White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf is not quite sure if his team will enter a rebuilding stage in 2012, he did address the possibilities facing his young veterans looking toward the 2012 season.

"We have to find out what our assets are," Reinsdorf said Saturday on ESPN 1000's 'Talkin' Baseball.' "We have to find out what our players are worth on the marketplace, and what we can get for them.

"After that, we'll try to make a decision that will keep us in the hunt."

The Sox spent a club record $127 million on their major league payroll in 2011. The team finished in third place with a disappointing 79-83 record. That resulted in just two million tickets being sold, which was almost 200,000 fewer than 2010. The consensus is the White Sox will have to cut their payroll somehow.

"Before coming to a final decision, we need to have a better idea about our players, and what step to take next," Reinsdorf said. "We don't want to be in the playoffs one year and then be bad for the next 5-6 years. If we have to step a back, we will. If that's the decision, then that's the decision."

The White Sox were the busiest team at the recent general manger meetings in Milwaukee. GM Kenny Williams said he had more meetings about his players than he ever had during the meetings over the last 10 years.

"Right now I'm not sure which way we are going," Reinsdorf said. "Not yet. But we go through the same process every year."

Williams was asked most about pitchers Gavin Floyd and John Danks and their availability during discussions with other GMs.