Ventura hopes Dunn plays some 1B

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- When 15-year veteran Paul Konerko is given a day off for rest, manager Robin Ventura said he would like to have Adam Dunn fill in at first base.

Konerko has played 142 games in each of the last two seasons. Dunn played at first for 35 games last season.

“I would like to see Paulie get a day off a little bit more often,” Ventura said. “As you get older, just for me, I’m thinking more of my own experience of getting older and trying to play every day that it’s better to be fresh and maybe have a couple of more days off. We have options. I would like to see Adam do that.”

• Ventura will get his first look at the full team on Tuesday when the White Sox go through their first team workout. Ventura will also address the club for the first time as manager, and yes, he has a planned speech of sorts.

“I’ve had a lot of time to go over different stuff,” Ventura said. “It won’t be a very long one. It won’t be a good 45 minutes, but it will be long enough.”

• Alexei Ramirez’s name has come up in the past regarding Gold Glove candidates, but the White Sox shortstop has yet to win won. And he said it’s not something he’s chasing, either.

“I think the opportunity is there but it’s not something I search for,” Ramirez said on Monday through the team’s manager of cultural development. “My biggest priority is to help the team win so for the most part that’s what I concentrate on and if it comes that would be great.”