Konerko embracing Sox's new era

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- For Paul Konerko, the Chicago White Sox's 2005 championship season remains a fond memory but also a distant one.

Konerko and A.J. Pierzynski are the only two remaining players from that team. So much else has changed since then. Pitcher Mark Buehrle and manager Ozzie Guillen were the latest from that '05 club to part ways with the White Sox. Of course, Konerko would love to win another World Series, but if it doesn’t happen he said it won’t be the end of the world. Konerko embraces the present situation the White Sox are in, whether it’s rebuilding, retooling or whatever else people want to call it. And he wants to help the team in any way he can as it forges into a new era.

"I look at this stage of my career, if that means I have to play two or three years, whatever it is, just so I can leave here and help people and try to get this organization, this team back on track, and then I leave and those guys do the job, then that's fine," Konerko said. "I feel that's what I owe the team or whatever."

Entering his 14th season, Konerko is still the same selfless guy the organization and its fans have come to know, putting the good of the team ahead of everything else.

"I think about doing my job and producing and just getting the most as I can out of myself every day," he said. "Now, at this point in my career, it's kind of a sprint. I can see the end. I'm just trying to battle and get out there and leave it all out there."