Q&A: Sox reliever Addison Reed

White Sox rookie Addison Reed is in the running for the closer's job. Ron Vesely/MLB Photos/Getty Images

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Addison Reed is vying for the Chicago White Sox closer’s role with veterans Matt Thornton and Jesse Crain. I had a chance to chat with the 23-year-old California native, who can light up the radar gun at 100 mph.

What has been the main difference between pitching in the major and minor leagues?

AR: Just the way that you carry yourself. I noticed the way Matt and Jesse carried themselves, not showing any emotion after a bad outing. That made a big impression on me last season. Deep down it is burning you up but you learn to show you are in total control no matter how tough it gets out there. Bullpen guys need to have a short-term memory.

What was it like playing in front of White Sox fans last September?

AR: Really great. I think I was at home for two weeks. It was fun, great atmosphere, nice ballpark. The fans were into it even when we were eliminated.

Are there any things you have to do to win the closer’s role outright?

AR: Command my pitches. The changeup is the one pitch that I have been working on the most. I developed it last year. Right now that’s the most important pitch for me to have a handle on.

Who were your role models growing up?

AR: My dad worked with me and taught me what a work ethic meant as far accomplishing goals. Even when he had worked all day, he always had time for me.

Who was your baseball hero?

AR: Jim Edmonds was my guy. When he made that catch In Kansas City and laid out with his back to the plate, my friends and I kept imitating the catch in our yards with a tennis ball.