Chicago baseball just might be fun in '12

CHICAGO -- Chicago's respective baseball seasons don't have to be dreary. Fascinating might be a stretch but interesting is a definite possibility.

April promises to be compelling merely for curiosity sake. Can the Cubs or White Sox stay competitive enough to give rise to actual optimism, false or otherwise? Or do they sink so quickly and so profoundly as to fulfill all of our worst expectations?

By the end of May, early June, Cubs fans can stay engaged as they begin clamoring for Anthony Rizzo and Brett Jackson, while Sox fans can officially give up on Adam Dunn and Alex Rios comebacks and start debating whether Paul Konerko's first mini-slump means he's over the hill.

July and August will bring trade deadlines and that annual fantasy known as hoping someone is dumb enough to take on Alfonso Soriano's contract. And by September, there are sure to be at least a handful of Sox fans who long for Ozzie Guillen's "fire."

See? It might even be fun.

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