Ventura has no problem with Ryan video

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Chicago White Sox manager Robin Ventura still hasn’t spoken to Nolan Ryan about their memorable brawl on Aug. 4, 1993.

But it’s not because Ventura doesn’t want to or has blocked it from his memory.

“I haven’t run into him yet,” Ventura said.

Ventura won’t have to watch that video this weekend at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Chuck Morgan, the Rangers’ executive VP of in-park entertainment, said the club will still run it at times, but the clip won’t be shown as part of a pre-game montage before most games, like it was the past few years.

It’s one that always gets fans excited as Ventura charges the mound after being hit by Ryan. The then 46-year-old Ryan gets Ventura, 20 years his younger, in a headlock and starts punching.

Ventura said he wouldn’t have bothered him had the Rangers decided to show it with the White Sox in town for Opening Day and weekend.

“It's not like I haven't seen it,” Ventura said. “It's up to them. They can play it if they want. It's not going to change any decision I make or anything else I do.”

Ventura also noted that he returned to Arlington many times after that day and has dealt with the fan reaction to it.

“I’m not playing, so to me they can get all hyped on it all they want,” Ventura said. “It’s happened before. I’m concerned more about what my guys are doing and how we play than I’m worried about if I get booed.”

Ventura said he’s been asked a lot about why he charged the mound that night.

“It’s more of kind of what the teams were going through at the time,” Ventura said. “Everybody’s made a lot of it and they can if they want. When you play a team and you’re in a locker room with 25 guys, sometimes you’re asked to do things that probably aren’t in your comfort zone. But for me, that was me. I had to be that person at that point. It is what it is.”