Sox taking the bad with the good

CHICAGO -- Since we’re here on the South Side, the home of unvarnished opinions and un-ironic mustaches, you have to lead with the bad.

So here’s the bad: Gordon Beckham needs a treasure map to get to first base. He struck out three times on Friday and now has nine Ks in 20 at-bats. The new Adam Dunn racked up the Camo Sombrero: where you get credit for working really hard in a four-strikeout game. Even the grounds crew had a bad day. Miguel Cabrera won an argument that the batter’s box was improperly placed and the Sox had to call in a new one from the bullpen. The coffee maker is already out of order in the pressbox and the scoreboard misspelled “struck out” as “stuck out.” That is ironic since it’ll be using that phrase A LOT this season.

But forget all that noise. The White Sox beat the Tigers 5-2 in their home opener and, for a day, you could forget the carryover problems from 2011’s train wreck and just “appreciate the game,” as the Sox’s marketing department has opined.

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