Ace to ace

The probability of throwing a perfect game is one out of 10,000 games played. If you do the math, you find out there have been 18 perfect games thrown in the 133-year history of the game.

After watching Mark Buehrle's day of perfection on Thursday, another member of the no-hitter fraternity, feels he can at least match Buehrle's number of no-hitters -- two.

"What Buehrle did was a great accomplishment," Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano said. "Twenty-seven up, 27 down; not just a no-hitter, but a perfect game. Very amazing."

I asked Zambrano if he thought throwing another no-hitter was possible for him.

"Why not?" the Cubs' right-hander said. "All you need are dreams, wishes and performance to get it done. Besides that, I've already done that once.

"Buehrle is one of the best pitchers in baseball because he keeps the hitters off-balance with breaking balls. Everything he throws has an angle on it."

I asked Zambrano about the Dewayne Wise defensive gem in the ninth inning to save the game.

"Behind every no-hitter and every perfect game, there is always a great catch," Zambrano said. "I think that comes with the package. The pitcher throws the game, but the eight other players make it happen for you."