Guillen didn't want Delgado anyway

BALTIMORE -- After a potential middle-of-the-order roster addition signed elsewhere on Saturday, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen continued to say the White Sox have what it takes without adding a body.

Carlos Delgado, who reportedly was of interest to the White Sox as they seek a left-handed power bat, signed with the Boston Red Sox.

Guillen has been saying all along that he likes the makeup of his own roster even if that left-handed hitter never arrives. But of course he is going to stand behind his guys.

If the White Sox really want to get better, Guillen had a plan of a different kind.

“The trade we are going to make [is to get] better results from [Mark] Kotsay and Andruw Jones,” Guillen said. “We need them to get more production.”

Since Delgado hasn’t played in over a year, if he joined the White Sox, he would have had to work on his swing and his timing in the minor leagues.

“I never wanted Delgado; we don’t need Delgado,” Guillen said. “You know why, and nothing against him, if we need help, we need help quick. We aren’t going to wait for the guy. It seems like whoever signs Delgado, they have their own program. We can’t.”

Besides, Guillen just nixed a player in the same exact mold as Delgado.

“I would rather have Jim Thome,” Guillen said. “We know what Jim Thome can do. Delgado can only DH and play a little bit of first base. We have two good first basemen.”

If Guillen gets his bat, fine. If not, Kotsay and Jones will be on the spot.

“Those two guys for the next two months bring what they are supposed to bring, I don’t see why we don’t have a good hitting team,” he said.