Hoyer thinks White Sox lucky to have Youkilis

Chicago Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer said Tuesday he thought the addition of Kevin Youkilis would benefit the Chicago White Sox.

Youkilis played for the Boston Red Sox when Hoyer was with the organization from 2002-08. The White Sox acquired Youkilis in a trade on Sunday.

“I like that move a lot,” Hoyer said on "The Carmen, Jurko & Harry Show" on ESPN 1000. “I really like Youkilis. He’s as good a competitor as you’re going to find in this game. If there’s one knock on him, it’s that he’s really emotional and really cares about every at-bat. You can have a lot worse things than caring about every single at-bat.

“I think he can bring a great thing in the clubhouse when they see how serious he takes every at-bat. Whether the team is up 7-1 or down 10-1, he doesn’t care. He takes every at-bat really serious.”

Youkilis has averaged 4.31 pitches per plate appearances in his career and has often been among the major-league leaders. He took 23 pitches in his four at-bats with the White Sox on Monday.

“He grinds at-bats,” Hoyer said. “He works the pitcher. I think a lot of things he does on a baseball field [are] missed because they don’t see how he wears down a pitcher, how many pitches the opposing pitcher just has to use just to get through Youkilis and how tired he is.

“I like that move a lot for the White Sox because he’s going to grind like crazy. I think he’ll bring a lot of competitiveness to a pennant race.”

Youkilis went 1-for-4 in his White Sox’s debut on Monday. He’s hitting .233 with an on-base percentage of .314 and a slugging percentage of .373 this season.