Bo envisioned Ozzie hire, not Ventura

Bo Jackson wasn't surprised Ozzie Guillen became a manager, based on his personality. USA TODAY Sports

CHICAGO -- The idea that Robin Ventura became the Chicago White Sox manager is a curious turn of events for one of his former teammates.

Bo Jackson, who played for the White Sox in 1991 and 1993, couldn't have pictured Ventura as a manager when the two were teammates. Yet it wasn't hard for Jackson to see another teammate get the same job.

"I probably saw more of Ozzie (Guillen) becoming a manager than Robin," Jackson said Thursday. "Everybody knows when Ozzie's in the room. You have to trip and fall over Robin to know that he's in the room."

Jackson never had much problem drawing attention to himself, mostly for his exploits as a football and baseball player. He still utilizes the fame he garnered from his playing days, but says he has no interest in watching sports on television.

He was at McCormick Place on Thursday, along with First Lady Michelle Obama and a bevy of other athletes, to promote an initiative that encourages kids to get and stay active. Nike is contributing $50 million to the project.

Back in his White Sox days, it didn't take the longtime Nike pitchman long to see that Guillen was his most active teammate, especially off the field. Ventura, on the other hand ...

"Those are two contrasting personalities," Jackson said.

Jackson was most identified as a baseball player from his days with the Kansas City Royals. He played just 108 games over two seasons with the White Sox, but one of his highlight moments was hitting a home run at Comiskey Park in his first game back from hip replacement surgery.