Peavy: Sox would be dangerous in playoffs

CHICAGO -- White Sox pitcher Jake Peavy said Wednesday he believes Chicago could be dangerous for the rest of baseball if they can make it into the playoffs.

“We got eight games to go,” said Peavy, who is 11-12 with a 3.40 ERA and will start on Thursday. “They talk about it being a marathon. It’s a sprint now. We got to find a way to win. We had our chances. Detroit has had their chances. We didn’t capitalize on them. It all comes down to this. Let’s find out where we stand.

“I’m excited. Let’s hope this team finds a way to get in. Because if we get in, I think we’re a dangerous team. I don’t think anyone is lining up wanting to play us with the talent we do have in this room. There are two good teams. Detroit is a good team as well. Let the best man win.”

The White Sox began Wednesday tied with the Detroit Tigers for first place in the American League Central. The Sox have held at least a share of the division lead since July 24.

Peavy’s confidence in the White Sox stems from their pitching staff, their offense’s home-run capabilities and their success against most of the other potential American League playoff opponents

The White Sox are 6-3 against the Texas Rangers, 3-3 against the Oakland Athletics, 5-2 against the New York Yankees and 3-0 against the Tampa Bay Rays this season. But they are 2-6 against the Baltimore Orioles and 3-5 against the Los Angeles Angels.

“(We’re dangerous) because we can pitch,” Peavy said. “And our offense has potential to run up some big homers. If we hit some homers with some guys on base, with the pitching staff and the bullpen evolving the way it’s evolved, and we have a few starters that can get on a roll, and the teams going to the playoffs, other than Baltimore, I think we all have winning records against them. We’ve swept the Yankees here, played well against Texas. We can play with any team in baseball on any given day. I’d love to have a chance to be in the playoffs.”

The White Sox have remaining games against the Indians (one home, three road) and the Rays (three home). The Tigers still have to play the Royals (two home, three road) and the Minnesota Twins (three road).