Harrelson reaches out to Wegner

CHICAGO -- The feud between White Sox broadcaster Ken “Hawk” Harrelson and major league umpires is over.

Harrelson ran afoul of the umpires when he was critical of the way Mark Wegner had thrown out Jose Quintana in Tampa on Wednesday. He called Wegner on Saturday and left a message telling him that he had overshot on his personnel attack on the umpire’s credentials to officiate major league baseball games.

“I felt bad about it to a degree after I sat down and thought about it,” Harrelson said. “I called and left a message for him (on Saturday).”

In addition to reaching out to Wegner, Harrelson, accompanied by White Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf, went to the umpire’s room at US Cellular Field on Saturday and spoke with Joe West, the president of the world umpires’ association.

“Hawk and Mr. Reinsdorf came into see me, and Hawk was very sincere with his comments about what he had said,” West said. “He told me ‘Joe, I would rather have a fist fight with you then go through what I have over the last few days.’

“What Hawk did showed a lot of class, and we really appreciate that he called Mark (Wegner) as well. This is a good day for everyone in baseball.”

Earlier in the week, West said Reinsdorf contacted him to apologize on behalf of the White Sox’s organization.

Harrelson also said Thursday that he spoke with commissioner Bud Selig on Thursday about his attack on Wegner’s credentials.