Sox pitchers attractive to other teams

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- As new Chicago White Sox General Manager Rick Hahn prepares to reshuffle his 2013 squad, caution may be the watchword.

The winter meetings will test Hahn’s, and the club’s, patience when it comes to playing catch-up with the American League champion Detroit Tigers as Chicago’s pitching depth has drawn the attention of the other 29 clubs.

“There is no magic to being in Nashville that something has to get done,” Hahn said. “We do feel some of the options we like are probably coming close to making a move via free agency or trade. If we want to move forward that may have to come to a head in the next couple days.”

Hahn was proactive out of the chute this fall, signing Jake Peavy to a two-year, $29 million contract. Maybe as important a signing was picking up Gavin Floyd’s $9.5 million 2013 option. Teams have been coming out of the woodwork asking about Floyd’s -- and other Sox starters’ -- availability.

With little payroll flexibility, the Sox are torn between dumping some salary and keeping pitching depth until rehabbing starter John Danks fully recovers from shoulder surgery. For now Hahn will hold onto his pitching chips rather than gamble on trading the most important commodity in the game today.

“The major interest from other clubs has been in our pitching,” Hahn said. “From my perspective it is one of our strengths and having that depth is not only a luxury, but a bit of a necessity. That being said, we may at some point dip into that depth and in order to address (other) needs we might not have the luxury of waiting around to spring training to do that.”

The translation to all of this is that if a blockbuster deal is at hand, the Sox won’t hesitate to include Floyd in a trade.