Reaction to Favre news from Bears camp

Initial reaction in Bears camp to news that Brett Favre will retire can be described as skeptical.

Lance Briggs: "I won't believe it until I see Tarvaris Jackson starting against us. If he's starting, we'll go from there. Either way, we still got a job to do."

Desmond Clark: "Right now, I don't believe any news that comes out about Favre until it's made official. If he does retire, Minnesota is still a good team. Of course, they're better with Brett Favre, but you look at all the parts they have there, they could still be a championship team without Brett Favre.

"They have a great running game. Their receivers stepped up last year, especially Sidney Rice. You look at their defense, they still have all the parts. They still may be looked at as the favorites in the conference without Brett Favre. I don't think it drops them down the rung too much."

Chester Taylor: "I saw that Sears commercial where he was confused about [which TV to buy]. He may still be confused."

Jerry Angelo: "I want to see it to believe it. It's still a long time before the season."

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