Roenick: Kane most talented American hockey player since Modano

Jeremy Roenick said Patrick Kane's style of play reminds him of himself. Brian Winkler/Getty Images

DETROIT, Mich. -- Jeremy Roenick knows a little something about scoring. As the last Chicago Blackhawks player to record 50 goals and 100 points, he’s been waiting for someone wearing Hawk colors to reach those milestones. He may have found one.

Patrick Kane has vaulted up the NHL point standings and currently sits fifth with 55 points. He may not reach 50 goals this season, but he still has an outside chance at 100 points. Roenick, who turned 41 Sunday, thinks his records will be matched by Kane sooner or later.

“I hope they fall,” Roenick said before Sunday’s game against the Detroit Red Wings, which he will work for NBC. “This kid is an unbelievable kid. I’m very happy to call him my buddy. We’ve talked on the phone and spoken many, many times. In my opinion, and I will say this on NBC, I think he is the most talented player to come out of U.S. hockey since Mike Modano. When you have a kid that comes out like that, your records are going to be broken. The fact that my records stood for so long, is a shock to me.

“Chicago needs a new player to come out and give them that energy. They have a couple on this team and Kane is leading the way. I’m pushing for him. I hope he does it. My ego has definitely been packed in the storage trunk and put in the attic. Now I’m looking for things to talk about on the air and he’s given me that.”

Roenick might have extra affinity for No. 88 because Kane reminds him of someone that use to wear No. 27 for the Hawks. And that player had some flair and showmanship to his game.

“Of course he does,” Roenick said of Kane. “He’s American and he listens to me.”