Hawks engage in gold-medal trash talking

Kane, USA Ready For Rematch (1:35)

Bob Holtzman reports on Team USA before their rematch against Canada for the gold medal (1:35)

Let the trash talking commence.

It’s not only the four Blackhawk participants who have a vested interest in the outcome of the gold medal game between the U.S. and Canada on Sunday. There’s a dressing room full of Canadians and a couple of Americans in the Hawks locker room that would like to have bragging rights as well. No one has been more vocal about his desire to see his country win gold than forward Adam Burish.

“If the U.S. wins, I’m going to have this place [locker room] decorated red, white, and blue,” Burish said after practice on Saturday. “I’m going to have balloons. I’m going to have streamers and flags. I’ll decorate this place pretty good and rub it in everyone’s face.”

Burish isn’t the only one chirping, though. His roommate on the road is Canadian Patrick Sharp and he’s hopeful the two can put a friendly wager on Sunday’s proceedings.

“I’d like to make the bet if Canada wins, he has to shave his head and get rid of that long hair that he cares about so much,” Sharp said. “Of course, I don’t think that’s going to happen, so we’ll work something out.”

“I think he’s still sour he didn’t get picked for that team, so he might have a little U.S. cheer in him,” Burish responded with a sly smile.

Kris Versteeg couldn’t help but jump in to “assist” Sharp in some harsh talk for a couple of the Hawk Americans. He’s hopeful, as well, that the U.S. doesn’t bring home the gold.

“No one likes Burish and no one likes [Patrick] Kane, so when you get trash talking from both those little dweebs, it hurts,” joked Versteeg.

Leave it to a Swede to show a level head in the face of all this.

“I’m happy for them all,” Niklas Hjarmalsson said. ““I have to cheer my colleagues, my D-men. I’m for Canada.”

There’s also a debate on who will get the most emotional—win or lose—of the four Hawks playing for gold.

“I think Toews will be the one you see tears from,” Sharp said.

“Kane will cry for sure, he cries all the time. Seabrook might cry too. He’s had a tough upbringing. He’s been through a lot,” Versteeg said sarcastically.

“[Brent] Seabrook will cry. Kane won’t cry,” Burish said. “His dad will cry for sure. But if I was going to root for Canada to win, it would be to see Seabrook cry so I can make fun of him.”

“I hope there is no crying. I think Canada will win the game, not because I’m from Toronto or anything like that,” John Madden declared.

“It’s tough in my household right now,” Madden went on. “My wife is American so she wants the U.S. to win. My son thinks Canada is going to win, and my daughter says she has friends on both teams, for some reason, so its pretty funny back home.”

Leave it to the roommates to have the last word on this -- until Monday that is.

“All these Canadians know I’m already a loudmouth but if they [U.S.] win I’m really going to be a loudmouth to these arrogant Canadians,” Burish stated.

“I’m praying that Canada pulls it out so I don’t have to hear it from him,” Sharp said. “After the [first] U.S. win he kept quiet because he knew there would be another crack at it. God help us all if the U.S. wins.”

Monday should be a fun day inside the Hawks’ dressing room, no matter who wins.