Blackhawks proving tough to love

Patrick Kane, who scored the Blackhawks' lone goal, said they will learn from the loss -- and then throw it away quickly. Rob Grabowski/US Presswire

CHICAGO -- Write this game off.

Throw it away. Bury it deeper than your most embarrassing moment at summer camp. You know, when the water was cold …

That's what you do with a 5-1 opening-game loss to Vancouver in the Western Conference semifinals when you're the Blackhawks, a team that treats opening games of playoff series like a mulligan on the golf course.

That's what you do when your goaltender, fresh off a pair of first-round shutouts, handles rebounds worse than Eddy Curry, when your defense thinks a clear is just a wireless network, and when your forwards couldn't find a crack in The Wailing Wall, Roberto Luongo, with a jackhammer.

That's what you do when you're the high-scoring, late-starting Blackhawks. You forget about this game the moment you wake up Sunday, right?

"I don't think so," Patrick Kane said. "I think you can learn from it, like any other game you lose like this. I think the biggest thing would be to learn about it tomorrow and then obviously you want to throw it away after that. And then think about the things you can do better from this game, for sure."

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