Blackhawks stick to the stick side

Sticking It In
The Chicago Blackhawks scored 78 goals during their Stanley Cup run, including 25 in the Stanley Cup finals. Of the 78 goals, 39 were scored to the stick side (50.0 pct), 24 to the glove side (30.8 pct), and the remaining 15 (19.2 pct) through either the 5-hole (9) or into an empty net (6).

In the Finals, they employed the same strategy that got them there, scoring 14 of 25 to the stick side (56 pct). They did test Michael Leighton's glove side however, especially early in the series, when six of the first 11 goals against Leighton came to his glove side, including 3 in-a-row to knock him out of Game 1. Later in the series, the Hawks switched things up, scoring 9 of the last 14 goals stick side, including 3 in-a-row to knock Leighton out of Game 5.

The Captain Was Here
The Blackhawks scored all four goals in their Cup-clinching win while Chris Pronger was off the ice. In fact, Pronger was on the ice for nearly half the series and was only on the ice for 10 of the Blackhawks' 25 goals, and that includes 6 in Game 5. Excluding the Blackhawks' 7-4 win in Game 5, the Blackhawks scored 14 of 18 goals with Pronger on the bench or in the penalty box.

Front Runners
Chicago especially took advantage of the front of the net in Pronger’s absence. In this series 11 of 25 goals came from right in front of the Philadelphia Flyers net minder. Of those 11 goals, eight were when Pronger was off the ice. Also important was that eight of the 11 goals from in front either tied or gave the Blackhawks the lead.