Hawks nearly blow another lead

Joel Quenneville has seen it before and not just last week against St. Louis when his team almost blew a 5-1 lead. His Chicago Blackhawks built a 4-1 advantage on Dallas Wednesday night but almost gave it all back.

“It’s a trend that’s been going on here for at least a year or two,” Quenneville said after the 5-3 win. “We get up 3 or 4 and we lose our concentration on what got us successful. All of a sudden we all think we want to score and we get ahead of ourselves.”

Just as in the Blues game, when the Stars pulled within a goal, Quenneville used a timeout to calm things down.

“I think there was a lot of guys yelling, not just from [Jonathan] Toews,” Patrick Sharp said. “A lot of guys were not happy, especially our coaching staff. We’ve done that far too many times. I don’t want to say our power play blew it but I’ll say it, we blew it in the second period. We could have put a 5-1 lead on the scoreboard.”

The Hawks had back-to-back power plays but couldn’t score and Quenneville said that inability “lost a lot of momentum in the game” for the Hawks.

Morin’s first tally

Jeremy Morin scored his first NHL goal on a three-on-2 rush in the second period.

“Getting that first one was exciting and takes the weight off a little bit,” Morin said.

Dave Bolland retrieved the puck for him but Morin says he doesn’t know what he will do with it.

“I’ve never had a puck before,” he said.

Bolland line

Joel Quenneville said the line of Bolland, Bryan Bickell, and Troy Brouwer had a strong game. They combined for two goals and three assists. Bickell scored his sixth of the season on a wicked wrist shot to open the scoring in the first period.

“I like to say I have a good shot and I need to use it more often,” Bickell said. “If I get a chance from there I need to shoot every time. I like to shoot and good things have been happening so far so I just have to keep it up.”

Earlier in the day, Brouwer indicated he didn’t like the idea of the line being called the killer B’s. It’s been used before, according to Bickell.

“It brings back the Norfolk days,” Bickell said of the Hawks' former minor league affiliate. “There were a ton of B’s there. Byfuglien, Bolland, Brouwer. They had a big banner in the rink.”

The Burish battle

Both the Hawks and former teammate Adam Burish agreed it was strange to play against each other.

“It felt like you were in a video game,” Burish said. “It felt weird and awkward. A couple times they were telling me to shut-up.”

Burish is playing center and took some draws against a couple of good friends.

“He beat me on a couple of faceoffs,” Sharp said. “He kept getting it on his back hand and I was on my forehand. I’ll go with that excuse.”

Burish tried to get under Toews' skin.

“I kept telling him he was cheating in the faceoffs and he was ignoring me,” Burish said. “I told the refs, watch this guy.”

Even the wounded aren’t immune from Burish’s sharp tongue.

“I had dinner with Kane last night and he looked like he walking pretty good,” Burish said. “I think he pulled the shoot on this one.”

Klinkhammer debut

Rob Klinkhammer played 11:36 in his NHL debut, finishing with one shot, three hits, and a plus-1 rating.

Stalberg missing

Viktor Stalberg did not play in the third period due to an unknown ailment.