Kane shows he's back with two goals

Patrick Kane's appearance in a scrimmage was the Day 2 highlight of Chicago Blackhawks training camp. Kane looked like a man among boys, skating as well, if not better, than anyone on the ice.

And as usual, he knew where to put the puck: right below the crossbar.

“Both my goals were pretty much under the bar,” Kane said. “That’s how you have to score in this league. It’s tough to beat a goalie along the ice or middle of the net because they are so big and so wide. You really have to pick your corners.”

Count Alexander Salak among Kane’s admirers. He gave up both of Kane’s scores.

“It was pretty fast,” Salak said with a smile. “I couldn’t even react. He scored on me twice today. He’s a really good player. There are amazing guys on this team.”

If Kane wants to get near or over 100 points he’ll probably have to score more on the power play, where he notched just five goals last season. Finding the corners will help do the trick. In any case, any thoughts of a slow start due to his wrist injury alleviated with one scrimmage. He looked dominant.


  • Salak says he won’t be “heartbroken” if he doesn’t win the backup goalie job.

    “It’s just two days,” he said. “I’ll give my best but won’t be heartbroken.”

  • The first training camp fight occurred Sunday between Dan Carcillo and Andrew Shaw. Carcillo was coming to the defense of Viktor Stalberg after Shaw hit Stalberg.

    “He made a big hit,” Carcillo said. “[I] slashed him, he slashed me back and that was that.”

    Carcillo said he was a little rusty and was frustrated with his game. He also called Shaw “a feisty young kid” who reminds him of a younger Carcillo.

    “It’s a man’s game,” Carcillo said. “It’s a hockey fight, it happens in hockey.”

    Shaw, meanwhile, likes to mix it up. He was the 139th pick in the NHL draft this past summer and was pleased to get a chance to fight a veteran.

    “We both play with an edge,” Shaw said. “I was glad he said yes. We had some fun with it. I’ve always enjoyed playing that role.”

    Carcillo won the fight in a close decision.

  • Duncan Keith has been asked more than a few times about the rest he enjoyed during the long summer. Brent Seabrook needed it just as much.

    “It was good to rest some nagging things that occur over the years,” Seabrook said. “It was good to rest the head and give yourself a mental break.”

    Seabrook has endured two vicious head shots over the least two seasons, including Raffi Torres’ blow in last year’s playoffs. He says he’s ready for a big year.

    “We’re prepared for a 10-month season,” Seabrook said.

  • Every year at this time there is chatter about former first-round pick Kyle Beach. He didn’t get a call up last year, even when the Hawks brought up some players from Rockford to experience the playoff atmosphere. This year, he knows the numbers game.

    “You look on the [Hawks] website, there are 14 forwards on there,” Beach said Sunday. “That being said, everyone is here for a reason and trying to win a job. If there are 14 guys on that website and you’re not on there, you have to come in here and take someone’s job. It gives you motivation to work for.”

    By most accounts, Beach still isn’t mature enough to handle an NHL job. He says he’s working on it.

    “It’s pretty straightforward what they expect from me,” he said. “The most you can do is make it difficult for the coaches. That’s what I’m trying to do. Hopefully I get a couple of exhibition games and show them why I should be here.”

    He was told he needs to improve his defensive play and he thinks he has, but only an upset of major proportions would see him in Chicago come October.

  • Coach Joel Quenneville said Marian Hossa will probably arrive in Chicago on Tuesday and be on the ice for the first time Wednesday. He’s been excused from camp while he mourns the loss of his close friend Pavol Demitra, who died, along with the rest of his Russian hockey team, in a plane crash on Sept. 7.