Blackhawks not in hurry to make a trade

CHICAGO -- Chicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville said Tuesday he is happy with his current team if the organization doesn’t make any moves at the April 3 trade deadline.

“We like our team,” Quenneville said Tuesday when asked if the Blackhawks could win the Stanley Cup if they don’t make a trade. “We like the depth of our team, the organization as well. It’s been a good year and a fun year to date, so I’m very happy with what we have and I’m excited about it.”

The Blackhawks began the season with a 24-game points streak. They have gone 3-4-0 since the streak ended. They lead the Western Conference with a 24-4-3 record and 51 points.

Blackhawks have been rumored to be interested in Calgary Flames veteran forward Jarome Iginla, who did not speak to the media prior to Tuesday’s game against the Blackhawks.

Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman told reporters on March 16 he was keeping his options open, but he also was pleased with the current team.

“I'd like to add to the mix as opposed to trade players away," Bowman said to reporters in Dallas. “We would consider anything that would give us an improved chance to win, but we've played really well. If we don't end up making a trade, I'd be comfortable with the group we have here."

Quenneville said Tuesday he and Bowman do have discussions about adding potential pieces.

“Organization, we talk a little bit about our needs and how we look to get better,” Quenneville said. “Is there areas we can get deeper or enhanced? That’s something that’s discussed.”

Quenneville wasn’t concerned about affecting the team’s chemistry if a new player was added to the roster.

“I think that all plays itself out,” Quenneville said. “We got some nice chemistry in here and the guys are all together. All the players know that’s all part of our game, and you got to adapt to the situation that’s there. I think that’s all about being a good pro and things change in our business, and I think we’re all familiar with what could happen. We’ll see.”

Quenneville said, though, he wasn’t thinking too much about the deadline.

“As a coach, we’re worried about playing our next game and keeping everybody prepared and organized and getting ready to play to the best of their ability,” Quenneville said. “That’s basically it. We’re in the short-term business as coaches and trying to get everybody ready and make sure they’re focused in the proper areas, what we can control as individuals and that’s basically it.”

The Blackhawks are expected to get back injured forward Marian Hossa and Patrick Sharp soon. Hossa, who has 23 points, missed his third consecutive game Tuesday with an upper-body injury, and Sharp, who has 18 points, missed his eighth consecutive game with an upper-body injury.