Time to prove it again in playoffs

CHICAGO -- With the way the word "adversity" was thrown around Sunday morning, you'd think the Chicago Blackhawks were down 3-1 to Detroit, didn't get their Sunday New York Times delivered and had their rookies forget the coffee and doughnuts.

I can't confirm the team's paper and pastry situation, but I do know the playoff series with the Red Wings is tied at 1-1 with game 3 on Monday night at Joe Louis Arena.

Why the long faces?

Well, it's probably a good sign of the Blackhawks' playoff-tested attitude as a resounding 4-1 defeat Saturday afternoon still lingered Sunday like a brunch hangover on a perfect late spring afternoon.

Is this adversity? Losing one home game to a very good, under-seeded team? Isn't this, you know, the playoffs?

"The Wings are good and if anyone thought anyone was going to cruise through this series, they were wrong," forward Patrick Sharp said. "Look at the talent they have out there and how well they play their team game. We know it's a great series."

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