Five surprises in the Cup finals

CHICAGO -- This much isn't surprising: The Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins are two evenly matched teams that appear on the verge of giving us a Stanley Cup finals for the ages. Two games, four overtime sessions and one win each. It's about all you can ask for from the two teams remaining.

But after two games in Chicago, a few early surprises have emerged as this series shifts to Boston. Here's a look:

1. The team that's winning isn't leading: The Bruins never trailed against the Pittsburgh Penguins in their dominating performance in the Eastern Conference finals, so their ability to hold a lead is well-established. Chicago broke through in Game 1, winning in triple-overtime despite never holding a lead in the game. Boston did the same thing in Game 2, surviving a barrage of shots and pressure early from the Blackhawks to even the series in overtime.

In both games, the winner never led. Both teams found needed desperation when trailing, proving that a knockout punch is going to be hard to come by in this series.

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