Quenneville: We're comfortable with Corey

Even the reporter knew the answer before the question was asked of Chicago Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville, but it was asked anyway.

Was he thinking of changing goalies for Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals after starter Corey Crawford gave up five goals in a 6-5, Game 4 victory?

"No, not at all," Quenneville responded on Thursday afternoon. "We're very comfortable with Corey. Corey has been rock solid all year for us. He's been outstanding, he's the biggest reason we're here today."

Quenneville didn't dismiss the notion that Crawford had a bad night but emphasized it was just one. Crawford's given up 12 goals in four games which is a big number, but considering the Hawks and Boston Bruins have played over an extra full game due to overtime hockey, that total doesn't sound as bad. However, there's little doubt the glove side goals he gave up on Wednesday night -- all five of them -- will be addressed.

"Last night's game was one of those games where pucks were going in," Quenneville said. "We'll visit with that. All year long Corey has just moved on, he moves from save to save, it doesn't faze him."

That might be the main difference between the old Crawford and this year's version. In the past bad goals or games have stuck with him. The Hawks better hope there are no lingering affects after a rough night.

"A couple tough breaks last night, especially when we had the lead at 3-1 or 4-2, Boston is going to open up a little bit," Patrick Kane explained. "I think for us that we can play better defensively, maybe get in some shooting lanes and block some of those shots.

"But I don't think we're worried about Crow at all. Just talked to him afterward and he seemed to be in a good state. He just seemed to be happy we won the game, so I don't worry about his confidence at all."